Mustapha Jassey

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Mustapha brings to Gaya Art Café an exhibition of two halves. The first half is to remind us of where we came from and shows old civilisations while the other half is about new civilisations. To find out more about the new civilations click here

Tribute to Baboucarr Etu Ndow from his family and friends in Tunbung


Baboucarr Etu Ndow was born in 1966 and has become one of Gambia´s finest painters and sculptors, He was brought up in Bakau and attended Gambia Senior Secondary School.

He had always loved art and in the 1980s he started sharing his skills with children at Gunjur Senior Secondary school and at St Josephs´s High School, An ex student, Bai Bojang said “Baboucarr was a wonderful teacher and a good friend to the students. He inspired us with his talent and his enthusiasm for art.” In 1990 he co-founded the African Art Collection Centre in Bakau along with other local artists...

Njogu Touray - Invisible Women Collection.

14.12.2013 - 15.03.2014

We are very proud to announce that Njogu Touray, one of The Gambia's most renowned artists, is exhibiting his latest collection at Gaya Art Cafe. The main collection is called 'Invisible Women' and derives from Njogu's observations of the role women play in society and how they are virtually invisible. Gambian society involves household members spending a lot of time outside their compounds, where children play and men sit around talking, drinking ataya. Women are often unseen as they are busy cooking, cleaning, caring for young children and other duties performed inside the compound or village.

Njogu's paintings show the different roles that women play and while the women are invisible they are represented through symbols in the artwork.

Future Exhibitions

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