New & Old Civilisations, by Mustapha Jassey


Over a period of eight years, the concept of New Civilisations was developed. This idea was draw from observing the situation or fate of children in the world and their relation with the environment.

When we look the history of the world from the beginning to where we are now, we see that humanity as a whole has participated in the evolution of the world.

However, there are very few women in positions of "power" particularly in the UN system and their participation to bring about change is limited.

If there were more women in decision making positions in the UN system, this would benefit children. The mother teaches the child. The best present a parent can give to their child is to educate them, not only formal education but also about life. Being poor is not a disability to educating children.

Also, I feel that the concept of parents having many children so that they will be well looked after when they are older, is not the right way. People talking about the future in Africa, need to be preparing children for what lies ahead.

African children have to understand where their place in the world is, from the beginning to now. This exhibition is documenting the world events and situation and highlights the politicians and organisations that could have done things differently or better.